Lotus Produce Bags - 3 pack
Lotus Produce Bags - 3 pack
Lotus Produce Bags - 3 pack
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Lotus Produce Bags - 3 pack

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Go eco-friendly in the produce section with our set of 3 Lotus Produce Bags. Includes 3 different sizes for all your varying produce needs: 1 small (12” x 8”), 1 medium (12” x 14") and 1 large (12” x 17”). Each size is ultra-light and has its own beautiful color-coded band and tare weight tab.

Use your Lotus Produce Bags thousands of times. Simply put them in the washing machine, hang to dry (dries rapidly!), and they will be good as new. You can even use them as laundry bags for your delicates.

Rest assured that our bags have been tested and evaluated for toxicity and safety by SGS. Our Premium Reusable Bags can SAFELY hold all your fresh produce, fruits and veggies as they are BPA Free and FOOD CONTACT SAFE. Easily wash your produce directly in the bags. You can even use them as a sieve to make homemade nut milk!

All of our bags are double-stitched on the sides for increased strength and support. Soft & incredibly durable with no risk of tears. The drawstring is strong and comes with a secure white lock to keep contents safe.