Village Herbal Care

Sustainably Created with Purpose and Luxury

At Village Herbal Care we believe that self-care is essential.  This is why we have created products that help you feel better inside and out.  We believe that healthy, effective products should be mainstream and accessible to everyone so we offer our products at an affordable price.

Our personal care products are created without harmful ingredients and have been proven to work!  Our loose leaf teas are blended in small batches using organic or wild harvested herbs sourced from their native lands.

At Village Herbal Care we know that when we take care of our world, it takes care of us. This is why sustainable production and packaging is a top priority for will not find any plastic in our packaging.

When you purchase from Village Herbal Care, you can rest assured that our products are created first with Purpose, then infused with Luxury (because everyone needs a little luxury in their lives!) and finally they are grounded in Sustainability.