My Village Market

An Outside the (big) box store

My Village Market is changing the way you think of retail shopping. 

Physically located in East Hants - Nova Scotia, we are a home-based bricks & mortar shop offering both in-store and online shopping experiences.  We provide free delivery locally and low cost delivery elsewhere.  We can also be found at various markets and events around the province.  

We offer eco-friendly, non-toxic products for you, your family, your home and our planet. We help support you and your family on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. 


Hours & Location

Our shop is located at 2057 Highway 2, Milford, NS, Canada

Currently our physical store is open by chance or by appointment 7 days a week.  If the open sign is out we are open.  If the sign is not out, feel free to reach out to see when we are available.

Of course, our online store is open 24/7 and typically orders are out for delivery or ready for pick-up within hours.

Follow us on social media or reach out via messenger/phone/text/email if you'd like to shop by appointment or place an order.

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