Spring – Warm Blessings – New Growth


--Today we celebrate the New Moon in Aries!

 Aries’ masculine side will encourage us to set goals, make wishes, and aim for targets we would like to achieve. However, the feminine side will encourage us to align with the universe, join with the flow, and even trust that everything that is supposed to come our way easily will.





For more on this new moon read this post: https://www.ibelieveinmothernature.com/my-world/tonights-new-moon-is-all-about-power-prepare-for-new-beginnings/


I am embracing the energy of the new moon in aries today to finally get around to writing my Spring Equinox (ahem) newsletter! Better late than never right?!? Since I last wrote, I quietly celebrated my first year as owner of Branching Out....wow this year has flown by! As I look back on this past year I am proud of what I have created and look forward to new growth. I took something that was already great and am growing it into a business that appeals to a wider audience. So far it has been well received...I have gained new customers and am happy to say that lots of Branching Out's founding customers still frequent the store today. This past year hasn't been easy, as any small business owner can attest to, but it has been more rewarding than any job I have ever had. The work is challenging and the monetary compensation is minimal (for now!) but what I have gained in knowledge, relationships, gratitude and pride is immeasurable! I want to thank each and every one of you for coming into my life this past year and helping to make this year so wonderful.



As I'm sure some of you noticed, we reduced our hours a bit for the winter but now that people seem to be coming out of hibernation, we will slowly start to expand again. For now we will continue to offer the hours we currently do but add our Tuesdays back in. As summer is upon us, look for extended weekend hours.


Starting today, our hours will be as follows:



Monday           by appointment

Tuesday          10 to 5

Wednesday    10 to 7

Thursday        10 to 5

Friday             10 to 5

Saturday        10 to 5

Sunday           by appointment


Please do not hesitate to reach out via phone, text, email or facebook during our “by appointment” days. I live nearby and it's no trouble to pop in...and if I'm not available, I'll say so. :-)


Feature Products:
Has it been a while since you've been in?? We've got so many products that are in high demand so I thought I would share just a few of them with you here so that you don't miss out on all of the excitement!







Unwrapped Life Shampoo & Conditioner Bars – these have got to be my favourite product in the store right now...not only do they work amazingly well but they save money, plastic and time! Ask for more details in store.


Vital Proteins Collagen – one of our biggest sellers!! High quality collagen in various forms...turn your everyday eats into a nutrition powerhouse without even noticing. Aches and pains...we've got you covered! Blah hair, skin & nails...we'll fix those too! Give it a try and see what everyone is talking about!

Beezy Wraps – This ever popular product is a locally made alternative to plastic food wrap! It really does speak for itself!

Coconut Kefir – Another nutrition powerhouse...did you know that coconut kefir provides healthy gut bacteria to help reduce inflammation, improve digestion and fight disease. Ours is made locally by Leona's Place of Wellness!

Snowy River Farms – Local farmers, Amy and David Hill bring you free range chicken and pastured pork in all it's forms...always available at Branching Out. Also check out their CSA veggie/meat/egg shares available for pick-up Wednesdays at Branching Out. We stay open that night until 7pm for your convenience.






This newsletter would go on forever if I listed any more of the great products we have to offer so why not use this as a teaser and stop in and see for yourself what else we have to offer!


Newsletter special:

As a reward for reading this far, mention this newsletter and receive 25% off any one item in the store! This offer is valid today until April 20, 2019 so don't wait!  This offer excludes meat and Green Goddess products.

Upcoming Events at Branching Out

May 9th – Mom's Talk and Tea with local author Doreen Coady – registered event, space is limited

May 25th – Open East Hants Day


For more info on these events and to stay up to date on everything else going on at Branching Out, follow us on our facebook page or drop in to the store.


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